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What brand is VR glasses good?

Facebook, Oculus, designed for video games, has a head mounted display that connects virtual reality into the game, allowing players to be immersive and greatly enhance their immersion
SONY (China) Ltd, began in 1946, the global high-end imaging well-known brand, founder of portable digital products, the Japanese representative enterprises, the world electronic 3C/ game / financial / entertainment giant, large-scale comprehensive multinational enterprise group ”
Hondar Communications Ltd, Vive, HTC and Valve jointly developed a VR head display products, dedicated to provide users with an immersive virtual reality experience, in 2015 Barcelona Mobile World Congress on release, can experience the virtual reality game on the Steam platform
Samsung Group, South Korea began in 1938, the world’s top 500 enterprises, owned by Samsung Electronics Samsung / Samsung / aviation / Samsung Life insurance subsidiary, involved in electronic / mechanical / chemical / Finance and other fields of large multinational companies ”
Ant watching Antvr
Beijing ant Technology Co. Ltd, innovation of domestic brand, in 2014 to raise the public, launched a virtual reality helmet and virtual reality glasses series equipment, focus on virtual reality, augmented reality, holographic reality wearable devices company
Storm mirror
Beijing storm Mirror Technology Co., a group, a head mounted virtual glasses, can swing 360 degrees immersive gaming experience / tourist attractions / concert / various events in various scenes and characters ”
Guangdong Virtual Reality Technology Co., Ltd., China earlier engaged in the VR industry, focusing on smart wearable devices, virtual reality, augmented reality and other fields of research and development, production and sale of the company
Dapeng DeePoon
Shanghai Le phase Technology Co., Ltd., DeePoon, virtual reality of domestic representative, is committed to developing VR games market, constructing VR industry ecosystem, the early development of immersive virtual reality game helmet ”
Hangzhou contact interactive information Polytron Technologies Inc, Avegant Glyph, from the United States, the world’s first successful development of virtual reality retinal glasses, entrepreneurial company specializing in intelligent equipment R & D and sales, with the leading edge “in the field of audio-visual presentation and virtual experience

Millet VR glasses

Early adoption of the Internet model to develop mobile operating system, intelligent eco chain construction of innovative technology-based enterprises, with a unique “fan culture” known.
Features: millet VR glasses to download APP, you can see the video resources in the software, VR video types are more, such as MV, performances, travel around the world, etc., there are also some VR games for download experience. Millet VR glasses shape, color, style and diverse, suitable for only 4.7 inches to 5.7 inches between the size of the screen phone.
Reference price: 50 yuan

See, VR glasses

DeePoon, VR, is committed to developing the game content market, build VR industry ecosystem, the early development of immersive virtual reality game helmet.
Features: look at Dapeng VR glasses of light weight, with remote control, convenient experience 3DIMAX theater experience, three hundred and sixty degree panoramic experience, and can adjust the corresponding mobile phone screen size in the corresponding APP, the mobile phone tired to better immersive experience, and cannot play Oculus, HTC Vive, this is a game player. Good choice.
Reference price: 100 yuan

Ants look at Antvr, VR glasses

Ant watching Antvr, a company focused on virtual reality, augmented reality, holographic reality and other wearable devices.
Features: ants, VR glasses, unique interactive way. Can the head control input; headset wire; touch screen; camera image capture; and from the perspective of no distortion, no optical distortion can make the game and video application, showing on the big screen; portable folding, folding design, easy to carry storage.
Reference price: 130 yuan

Hurricane mirror VR glasses

Storm mirror, storm mirror is a head mounted virtual glasses, 360 immersive immersive gameplay / scenes / concerts / events in various scenes and roles
Features: This is a storm VR glasses, storm mirror is developed for its application, to achieve the IMAX effect on the mobile phone, the ordinary movie theater effect can be realized, can also use the virtual social storm mirror. In the domestic same price, because of the remote control, so in the control performance is very good.
Reference price: 150 yuan

The application of vr virtual reality

Experience 3D movies
When you wear a virtual reality helmet, it blocks all kinds of background light or distracting factors to make sure your experience is not destroyed. This makes virtual reality the best choice for watching videos and movies. It makes you feel like you’re in a movie theater with chairs and screens.
Virtual tourism experience
Since the virtual reality can display 360 degree panoramic video, it has begun to be used in the tourism industry. Virtual reality can be used to demonstrate thousands of monuments, museums, and popular tourist attractions. Just search the app store for virtual reality, and you’ll find the applications you need. Will it affect the real tourism industry? Maybe, but at least it’s a lot cheaper than traveling in the real world!
Feel the real game
Since 1990s, virtual reality has been applied to games. But 2016 was widely regarded as the year when virtual reality games really took off. Now, there have been many games for the virtual reality platform on different play along with the improved intelligent display and mobile phone processor, intelligent mobile phone and playing games, virtual reality helmet connected the dream will become reality.
Conceiving interior design
Virtual reality is more than just a demonstration medium, but it’s also a design tool. It reflects the designer’s thinking in visual form. For example, before you decorate a house, the first thing you have to do is to give a detailed idea of the structure and shape of the house.
More use of VR glasses
Imagine the virtual automobile exhibition hall, medical virtual human body model, virtual reality real estate development program, simulation emergency response, cultural relics exhibition, virtual commercial community, VR virtual reality shopping experience and so on.
VR glasses which good cost-effective VR glasses recommend?
Hurricane mirror VR glasses

What are the VR glasses?

Virtual reality head mounted display device, VR head, VR glasses, glasses VR call, VR is the first significant collection by using simulation technology and computer graphics, human-computer interface technology of multimedia sensor technology network technology and other technology products, is the use of a new interactive means to create the computer and the latest sensor technology. Virtual reality glasses VR head display equipment is an inter – era product. Not only does each lover experience it with surprise and joy, but also is fascinated by its birth and the unknown of its future.

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